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Who Should Apply?

SPACE-H is seeking entrepreneurs working on technologies related to AI for system-level autonomy, synthetic data, computational biology, sensors, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical technologies. *In-depth descriptions on each topic can be found on the overview page.

All proposed solutions should consider the unique challenges of space environments, such as limited medical resources, absence of immediate Earth-based medical support, and the need for system level autonomy. Proposals should demonstrate a clear understanding of space health risks as identified by NASA’s HRP and TRISH’s research priorities and offer innovative approaches to mitigate these risks. *For more information about NASA HRP's future research objectives see

The best solutions will consider user experience, account for the diversity of data managed by onboard systems and personnel, integrate multimodal input, monitor unobtrusively, and prioritize mission-critical information. Components must be able to be integrated into a larger system; as industry standards are yet to be established, prioritization will go to solutions that demonstrate flexibly for data input, transfer, storage, and extraction to enable interoperability.

Application Requirements

1.) A 7 - 10 page startup pitch deck which that contains the following suggested elements:​​​

  • Identified Problem 

  • Proposed Solution

  • Unique Value Proposition & Competition

  • Business Model & Target Market

  • Traction (e.g., grants, investment, customer interest, partnerships)

  • Team

2.) A 1 - 3 page document regarding the applicant's technology that addresses the following:

  • The Space-H topic to which you are applying and how your technology is aligned

  • The details of the concept, the development of the technology to date, the development needed to address the topic to which it applies

  • Your ability to address the technological challenges related to space application

  • Relevant underlying science and research that justifies the approach (Citations are strongly encouraged)

3.) Complete and submit the application form


The SPACE-H review panel consists of scientists from TRISH and NASA HRP (representatives from Radiation, Human Heath Countermeasures, Exploration Medical Capability, and Human Factors and Behavioral Performance elements), AI subject matter experts from Microsoft, and commercial experts from Starburst. Winning applicants may not necessarily be the highest rated in any one category. SPACE-H is seeking applicants that demonstrate a cohesive and compelling narrative regarding their technology, its impact on the world and beyond, and the unique strengths of the team.


  • Does this technology provide a novel, commercially viable solution to a real problem?​

  • If successful, what amount of impact will the solution have?

  • Does the technology have dual-use applications? Are those applications identified?


  • How is this capability accomplished today, if at all, and what are the limitations of current practices?

  • Does the proposed technology utilize novel theoretical concepts, approaches, methods, instrumentation, or services?

  • Does the proposed business plan include novel approaches to sales, marketing, productization, partnerships, etc.?​


  • Does the application demonstrate a thoughtful approach to commercializing the (proposed) product/service?

  • Is there a clear path for the product/service to become a viable business? What are the milestones?

  • Is the market analysis sufficiently rigorous and well-reasoned? Are unvalidated hypothesis identified and accounted for?

  • Are the product users and buyers identified and is the business model appropriate for them?


  • Does the team demonstrate a high level of ability and dedication?

  • Have the founders worked together in the past?

  • Have the founders built other successful businesses (either together or separately)?

  • Is there a clear mission and demonstrated passion, drive, discipline, ability to work collaboratively and willingness to push forward under conditions of extreme business uncertainty?

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