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Who should apply?

SPACE-H is open to entrepreneurs developing novel ​​solutions and technologies that support human health in space and/or are manufactured in space to support health on Earth--from new therapeutics to AI-enabled diagnostics to 3D bioprinting to biofuels. Ideal candidates are pre-seed and seed-stage companies with commercial applications in aerospace. We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are fully dedicated to building a better future.

Is the program open to Non-US companies?

Yes, companies from outside the United States may apply.


What if I miss the application deadline?

The deadline to apply for the inaugural cohort of SPACE-H is 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, June 16, 2024. SPACE-H will be an annual program, so if you are unable to apply this year, know that there will be future cohorts. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to compete, and so we do not usually accept late applications; however, if you believe an exception should be made due to extenuating circumstances, please send your request to


What is the accelerator program schedule?

The details of the program are only shared with accepted applicants, but the 13-week schedule is composed of a mix of lectures, workshops, and one-on-one's with the SPACE-H team and mentors. We know that you have a company to run, and we want you to take advantage of all the opportunities to meet with the industry leaders and experts who mentor with us, so lectures and workshops are limited to about ten hours per week. 


Is the program virtual or in-person?

The accelerator program will be entirely virtual, including a virtual Demo Day during the final week of the program. There will be in-person networking opportunities throughout the program as well, for those able to attend.


How many companies are accepted into the program?

We work individually with each company that joins our program, so we keep cohorts small. We typically invite 6-8 companies to join each cohort.

Does the SPACE-H program cost anything?

The SPACE-H program is entirely free to participating startups.


Will our company be required to give up equity to participate?

No. Participating startups will not be required to give up equity to join the SPACE-H program.

Will selected applicants receive grants or investment?

SPACE-H is not awarding research grants or investment funds. Companies are encouraged to participate in competitive solicitations for funding by TRISH and other government agencies, as appropriate, and will be supported by Starburst in this process. There is no guarantee of follow-on funding, space flight or analog missions made by Starburst, TRISH, NASA HRP, or any other party.


What makes the SPACE-H program unique?

The SPACE-H program was organized to spur innovation and growth within the nascent space health sector thereby increasing access to space and enabling extended human activity in space. As such, Starburst has brought together a network of leaders, subject matter experts, mentors, and advisors from all domains within both the biomedical and aerospace industries who seek to advance the future of human healthcare in space and on Earth. Program participation will grant unique access and insights into NASA HRP and TRISH.

Throughout the challenge, Starburst, in coordination with other SPACE-H partners, will focus on creating the relationships and ecosystem necessary to support participating companies through the accelerator program and beyond. We recognize that the challenges each company faces are unique—as both biomedical and aerospace include a wide range of technologies and applications—and we do not expect the program to be one-size-fits-all. We will actively leverage one-on-one time with our team and mentors to address each company’s specific needs to meet their long-term goals.

I have never considered space as a potential market for my company, but I have a solution that may be relevant to the program, should I still apply? 

Yes! The SPACE-H program is designed to support entrepreneurs, founders and innovators working on any technology relevant to HRP needs, not just those that were originally designed for use in space.


What do you look for in mentors?

Startups need accountants and recruiters as well as engineers and scientists. We are looking for biomed leaders with proven success, innovators and builders who have brought new concepts from design to market, investors who understand the intricacies of developing cutting edge technologies, professors and professional service providers who want to give back and support our community. Good mentors are passionate about what they know, curious about what they don’t know, altruistic, optimistic, and willing to share their network with and open doors for the entrepreneurs they support.


Who can I contact for further questions regarding application submissions and/or general questions?
For any additional questions you have that cannot be found here, please email To stay up to date on SPACE-
H announcements and other Starburst aerospace accelerators and events, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

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